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The Ultimate Guide to Coronavirus Signage for Schools

Coronavirus signage for schools children wearing facemasks

Keeping students and faculty safe made easy with the right signage

A new school year is on the horizon, and planning for COVID-19 has become just as important as planning for the return of students to the classroom. While reopening guidelines vary depending on state and local rules, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has its own recommendations for safely reopening classrooms this fall. 

The CDC recommends regularly reminding students the need for social distancing, good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Sometimes, a verbal reminder to stay six feet apart just isn’t enough. Having the right signage throughout your school can help reinforce the healthy habits needed to slow the spread of covid.  The right coronavirus signage for schools can help keep your students and faculty on track for a healthy school year.

Social Distancing Chair Covers

Health experts agree that social distancing is key to slowing the spread of covid in public and in schools. Experts at the CDC recommend a distance of six feet apart to minimize the spread of the virus. Other experts, like those at the American Academy of Pediatrics, say three feet apart is fine for students with no covid symptoms as long as they are wearing a mask. Reminding students to  keep separated from each other throughout the day can be made easier with covid signs in your school.

classroom with coronavirus safety school

Chair covers reinforcing the need for social distancing make an exciting, but helpful addition to any classroom. Other chair covers, like an outdoor vinyl chair cover from Excelsus Solutions, can be used to block off seats at sporting events and graduations. Vinyl chair covers can be wiped down and disinfected and fabric chair covers for indoor use are machine washable. Personalizing your chair covers to reflect your school’s colors or mascot are a fun way to keep students engaged while reminding them to stay safe.

Social Distancing Floor Decals

Covid signage for school floors and social distancing

Healthy habits move from the classroom to the hallway with floor decals that promote social distancing. A good floor decal reminds students to stay six feet apart while traveling to and from classes. The CDC recommends using physical signage wherever students and faculty will be standing in lines. Helping students visualize how far apart six feet is can help keep them from getting too close to each other. 

Floor decals can also be used in high traffic areas throughout your school to designate which direction students should head. A floor decal that can withstand heavy foot traffic, like a 3M certified graphic from Excelsus Solutions, can last your school throughout the year. Excelsus Solution’s floor graphics are slip and scratch resistant. They can be cleaned gently with mild soap and water. Floor signage can also be personalized to reflect your school’s colors and logo.

Sanitizing Stands (With Hands Free Dispensers)

According to the CDC, one way teachers can keep their students healthy throughout the school year is by reinforcing good hand washing skills. The CDC recommends teaching students to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water aren’t available, then hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol can be used instead. A hand sanitizer stand, with a hands free dispenser, can come in handy at entrances and exits or other busy areas. A hands free dispenser is a great way of minimizing contact between students and helping to slow the spread of coronavirus. Clear and visible signage to go with your stands are an easy way to remind students and faculty to keep their hands clean throughout the day.

Partition Walls and Sneeze Guards

Partitions in the classroom aren’t just useful for keeping eyes from wandering during tests. A sturdy partition can help keep students separated and mindful of social distancing while at their desks. A physical partition can also be useful in high traffic areas where social distancing is difficult. Used in spaces like the cafeteria, a hanging sneeze guard can help prevent the spread of germs while students wait in line. Covid signage on barriers is also useful in office spaces. 

Keep germs and other viruses from passing from person to person with a stationary or hanging sneeze guard. Putting up a sneeze guard at your school’s receptionist desk or main office can help keep your faculty safe, as well as anyone visiting your school. Customize your sneeze guards and partitions to keep your school pride strong while staying germ-free.

Hanging partition covid signage for school safety

Custom Branded Face Masks

A good face mask is useful at more than just the grocery store. Using cloth face masks in the classroom are another way to keep students healthy yearlong. The CDC recommends cloth face masks for use by teachers and students as often as possible. However, face masks are most recommended for areas where social distancing is difficult. Wearing a mask in a classroom or crowded hallway can help prevent the spread of germs between students. Students should be reminded to avoid touching their masks when possible and to wash their hands if they do accidentally touch their mask. Face masks can also be an exciting way for students to show school spirit throughout the year. A custom printed face mask with your school’s logo or colors makes staying healthy fun and fashionable throughout the year.

Covid face mask for school safety

Curbside Instructional Signage

Pickup at the end of the school day can be made painless with visible covid signage. Signs reminding parents of your school’s coronavirus guidelines can help keep visitors and students safe. Health experts recommend making sure signs are visible in busy areas in and around your school. The right covid signage can also remind parents to keep six feet apart while waiting to pick up their students. An outdoor sign, flag or banner like one from Excelsus Solutions can communicate your school’s message to both students and visitors.

Signs and Displays

Covid signage can be a helpful tool when it comes to keeping your students and faculty healthy throughout the school year. Signs and displays can serve as a reminder of the need for healthy habits. Promoting social distancing through displays in the hallways keep students separated and moving between classes. Signs with instructions on proper hand washing techniques in restrooms reinforce the skills suggested by health experts. 

Instructional covid signage and displays can reinforce health and hygiene messages for students. According to experts, regular cleaning and disinfecting of objects can help slow or stop the spread of coronavirus. Have your plans for routine classroom disinfecting on display for faculty to see as a reminder. To see the maximum impact from your signs, make sure your signs are hanging in highly visible areas like entrances, exits, restrooms and cafeterias. 

Coronavirus signage makes staying healthy simple

Keeping your students and faculty healthy throughout the school year shouldn’t be a hassle. Having the right coronavirus signage for schools makes practicing healthy habits easy. Signs and displays can provide daily reminders on social distancing, hand washing and other school health policies.

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