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Best Products for Coronavirus Protection

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Finding the best products for coronavirus protection keeps your family healthy

With a number of products on the market for preventing germs and viruses from spreading, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your time and money. Some products are affordable, but won’t do much to protect you from viruses like the coronavirus. Other products that do work could end up costing you. Read on for some of the best products for coronavirus protection for you and your family.

Gel and Foam Hand Sanitizers

It seems like everyone these days has a bottle of hand sanitizer with them. Whether it’s in your bathroom at home or on your desk at work, hand sanitizer is a quick and easy way to clean and disinfect. With everyone stocking up on sanitizer recently, there have been more and more new products to choose from. Not all sanitizers are created equal, though. Finding the best hand sanitizer for your needs can help keep you clean and healthy.

Stream2Sea Natural Hand Sanitizer

Clean your hands and feel good about it after with this natural hand sanitizer from Stream2Sea. This sanitizer is produced in a U.S. based, FDA approved facility. It’s made with natural ingredients and free of any synthetic products. If your current sanitizer is drying out your skin, Stream2Sea’s might provide some relief. 

Not only is this product quick absorbing, it also doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky after. This 62% alcohol sanitizer is packed with Vitamin E, Eucalyptus, and Camphor to help moisturize your hands while it cleans. Another benefit is its environmental footprint. Some hand sanitizers out there are made with microplastics, which can end up polluting oceans. Stream2Sea claims that their product in completely natural and environmentally friendly. 

REJUVIEL Gel Hand Sanitizer

Getting sick of your hands smelling like alcohol after using your current sanitizer? REJUVIEL’s gel sanitizer might be right for you. It’s fragrance free, so no more headaches from that strong, chemical smell. The scent is gone, but its strength isn’t. REJUVIEL’s sanitizer is 70% alcohol. Health experts recommend using a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol to get rid of germs. 

This product comes in a 4 oz bottle that’s perfect for your car or desk at work. Using a lot of sanitizer throughout the day? REJUVIEL also carries a 12 o bottle of the product. It’s also made in the United States and meets CDC requirements for hand sanitizers.

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Keep the little ones in your life healthy with a hand sanitizer made for them. Babyganics’ foaming sanitizer comes in an easy-to-use pump bottle that’s great for at-home or on the go. It’s alcohol-free, but still has the ingredients you need to keep hands clean. Babyganics claims its sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs while still using natural ingredients. It’s free of any artificial dyes and fragrances, but still has a fresh, mandarin orange smell. 

The foaming sanitizer also offers an advantage over other gel sanitizers. It won’t leave your hands feeling wet or sticky afterwards. The alcohol-free foam also means that it won’t dry out your hands after use.

Hands Free Sanitizer Stands

You have the hand sanitizer. Now you need somewhere to put it. A hand sanitizer stand from Excelsus Solutions puts your sanitizer of choice on full display and provides easy access.

Customize your sanitizer with you school or company logo, or your favorite colors to make it really stand out.

Plus, a hands free feature reduces contact and slows the spread of germs. 

Hand sanitizer covid signage for schools

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Sprays

Your hands might be clean, but how about the things you touch every day? Some of the best products for coronavirus protection are disinfectant sprays. Investing in some quality disinfecting spray can help keep your home or office space germ-free. Like sanitizers, there are many sprays to choose from. Finding the right disinfectant for you can not only keep your home and office clean, but save you time and money too.

CleanSmart Disinfectant Spray Mist

CleanSmart’s disinfecting spray is multi-purpose, so you can use it on everything from your kids’ toys to kitchen appliances. It’s made from simple, natural ingredients, but still gets rid of 99.9% of germs. The active ingredient is hypochlorus, which has been used in the medical field for years. 

According to CleanSmart, this ingredient makes the product safe for kids and pets alike. The natural ingredients mean there’s little to no scent left in the air after use. Another benefit to its natural ingredients is that there is no chemical residue on surfaces after using. You’ll never have to wonder which chemicals might be lurking on counters after you clean.

JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner Spray

Looking for a cleaning product that kills germs and smells great? JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner spray gets the job done, leaving behind a fresh lemon scent. This spray works to clean, disinfect, and deodorize all at once, saving you time. JAWS’s bottle is reusable too. Just add water and a new JAWS cleaning pod to your bottle when you’re running low, and you’ll be ready to clean again. This technology cuts back on plastic and saves you from having extra products around the house. If you’re looking to cut back on your time spent disinfecting, this spray might be right for you.

Seventh Generation Disinfectant Spray

Seventh Generation’s Disinfectant Spray is another option that cleans well without using harsh chemicals. It’s a botanical-based spray, meaning it’s made with essential oils. These essential oils don’t just clean. They also provide a cool, calming scent after drying. With a range of scents to choose from you can keep you home or office smelling clean and fresh all day. 

Seventh Generation’s spray is also powered by compressed air, so it’s non-flammable. There’s no rinsing required, even on surfaces like counters and tables where you’ll have food. Just spray it, leave it to air dry for 10 minutes, and know that your surfaces are disinfected and deodorized. 

Reusable Face Masks

Reusable face masks another of the best products for preventing coronavirus. A good mask prevents the spread of germs at work, school or out in public. With a cloth face mask, like one from Excelsus Solutions, you can have peace of mind that you’re staying healthy on the go.

Excelsus Solutions’ face masks are made from 100% cotton, so not only are they stylish, but also comfortable and breathable. A non-woven polypropylene fabric center allows for extra durability as well as a moisture barrier. 

It’s also specifically designed to cover the nose for maximum protection and comfort. Plus, it’s fully washable, so it can be used again and again. 

Excelsus Face Mask in Rochester, NY

Air Purifiers and Sanitizers

You’ve got your hands and household appliances clean, but what about the air circulating throughout your home? An air purifier is an easy and efficient way to remove airborne germs and viruses. The best part is that you can let your air purifier run during the day and return to a germ and odor-free home at night.

Germ Guardian Pluggable Air Purifier

Don’t have room for a huge air purifier that takes up space? The purifier from Germ Guardian is sleek, compact and plugs right into the wall. It relies on UV-C light technology to clean and disinfect the air. The Germ Guardian purifier kills most airborne viruses that might be hanging around. 

It isn’t just for getting rid of viruses, though. This purifier also reduces mold spores and odor-causing bacteria. There’s no filter to replace with this purifier. It uses a Germ Guardian UV-C lightbulb that lasts up to a year depending on use. 

Crane TRU-HEPA Penguin Air Purifier

Make cleaning your air cute with this penguin-shaped air purifier from Crane. This purifier boasts a TRUE-HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of airborne particles and germs. It also uses a germicidal ultraviolet light. This helps stop bacteria and viruses from multiplying in the air. Crane’s air purifier runs on three speeds, with a low setting that’s perfect for night time. 

It purifies up to 150 square feet, making it suitable not just for bedrooms, but classrooms and offices too. If you’re looking for a purifier that’s not just functional, but makes cleaning entertaining, this is the one for you.

TruSens Air Purifier

Simplicity is the goal with this purifier from TruSens. Not only does it have a sleek design, it’s also portable so you can move it from room to room. It’s 360-degree filtration system uses four different techniques to clean air. UV light on the inside destroys any germs that get trapped. It also splits clean air into two streams at once. According to TruSens, this makes it up to 24% more efficient at purifying the air around you. Standing at just 18 inches, it also fits into just about any room or office.

Sneeze Guards and Barriers

Once you have your office space sanitized, a sneeze guard is a great way to keep it clean. A custom printed sneeze guard or partition from Excelsus Solutions keeps you desks and other spaces free from germs.

Use them in high traffic areas like a receptionist’s desk or between cubicles for an extra layer of protection. Customizing your sneeze guard or barrier with your office logo or colors to makes them a perfect addition to any space.

Covid signage desk partition for schools and classroom

Finding the best products for coronavirus protection shouldn’t be a pain

Knowing what you’re looking for can make sorting trying to find the best products for coronavirus protection simple. If you wan’t something safe for kids, an all-natural hand sanitizer or disinfectant might be a good option. If you’re looking to clean large areas, look into an air purifier for your office space or classroom. Once your space is disinfected, keep it clean with a sneeze guard or other custom printed product.

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